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FAQs about the Insurance Programs from InsurePersonalTrainers.com

  1. What types of insurance should I purchase?

    The best policy to buy is one that combines both property and casualty insurance which covers losses to your facility with professional liability which protects you personally from a variety of claims.Close [x]

  2. Why should I purchase insurance from a fitness industry expert?

    By using an industry expert to develop your insurance program, you avoid errors or omissions in your coverage that could be costly to you. For example, we include such items as business income coverage on our policies. The fitness business is a cash flow intensive business and you do not want any business interruption to impact the long-term health of your business.Close [x]

  3. What is InsurePersonalTrainers.com?

    InsurePersonalTrainers.com is a website dedicated to providing fitness professionals, studio owners, and club operators an easy and efficient way to secure important insurance coverages. The site includes downloadable and online applications for a quick and pain-free application process. Most applications are reviewed and approved within 1 day of application.Close [x]

  4. My staff members carry numerous certifications. Can this have an impact on the cost of my policy?

    Yes! We acknowledge the value of industry certifications and their influence on the delivery of safe, quality fitness programs and classes. That’s why we offer up to a 50% club premium discount when all your trainers are certified by select certifying organizations.Close [x]

  5. What is the value certification when it comes to insurance for trainers and studios?

    InsurePersonalTrainers.com has developed a comprehensive selection of insurance products specifically geared to personal trainers as well as studio owners. Certified professionals and studios owned by Certified professionals can automatically enjoy significant discounts on their premiums. And Certified trainers can help their fitness clubs qualify for significant premium discounts.Close [x]

  6. What is InsurePersonalTrainers.com’s relationship to the certifying organizations?

    Because InsurePersonalTrainers.com is an exclusive provider of insurance services to the fitness industry it has developed a relationship with organizations including

    • the American Council on Exercise (ACE),
    • the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM),
    • the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF)
    • and Stott Pilates

    to add value to membership through its discount programs and support their quality initiatives. As well, InsurePersonalTrainers.com is an IHRSA Associate Member. We support the global efforts of IHRSA to grow and support an industry that adheres to the highest professional standards to the benefit of its clubs and club members worldwide.Close [x]

Got a question? Get an answer.

If you have any specific questions about insurance coverage for yourself or for your studio, feel free to contact Greg Hoffman directly at ghoffman@insurepersonaltrainers.com. Your questions will be answered the next business day. Simply email Greg to arrange a personal appointment to address all your insurance needs.